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While drones enable us to capture breathtaking pictures from previously inaccessible locations, the shots themselves are often of poor quality. This requires a significant amount of manual effort in post-production to address problems like as haze, low or excessive contrast, lack of sharpness, undersaturation, and chromatic aberration. It's a time-consuming process that requires specialized expertise as well as costly software. These issues are no longer an issue thanks to Skylum AirMagic.

Skylum AirMagic is the first program designed specifically for drone photography. AirMagic automatically enhances your aerial photographs using AI and sophisticated algorithms. Simply drag and drop your images into the program. The remainder will be handled by AirMagic, which will meticulously enhance each image.

AirMagic was designed to address the problems that come with aerial photography automatically. It allows photographers to process their pictures without having to do much work—all you have to do is put your aerial photos into the software, and AirMagic will handle the rest, ensuring that each photo looks its best.

You may upload as many pictures as you like and they will be automatically enhanced. Consider how much time you'd lose if you had to do manual editing. Having the capacity to get more spare time is a valuable talent. Don't you agree?

What is Skylum AirMagic and how does it work?
Skylum AirMagic adjusts images using picture metadata and artificial intelligence elements, where the software looks at each image separately and works with various portions of the image differently depending on the analysis and model of experience. AirMagic, on the other hand, is considerably more flexible and can alter regular pictures.

What's the point of installing? When you first start the application, it shows you a simpler version of the interface where all you have to do is drag the pictures you want to modify. JPG, TIF, PNG, or RAW images with a minimum resolution of 800 × 600 pixels are accepted by the software. The second option is to return to the standard graphics program interface.

There is also the option of utilizing a sample picture to test the program's functionality. When you first start it, you'll see that the software works best with a picture on the screen and a vertical sliding separator that displays the condition of the image before and after changes.

A style button is located in the bottom left corner of the screen, and it specifies the rules by which the software optimizes pictures. They are based on a study of the most frequent settings in which photographs are shot. Styles are color filters that alter color saturation, brightness, contrast, HDR, and overall color reproduction, similar to Instagram color filters. AirMagic, on the other hand, does not take a one-size-fits-all approach to editing, but rather analyzes and modifies specific sections and sub-objects of the picture.

In the basic version, there are six styles available; others may be bought through a direct connection to the manufacturer's e-shop. You may change the strength of the modifications using the “brush” tool in the bottom right. JPG, TIF, PNG, PSD, and PDF files may be saved to disk as a consequence of the process. The RGB color space, size, quality, and location of the resultant file may all be selected by clicking on the detailed export options. For different use cases, such as printing, web, e-mail, and so on, the user may define their own export settings.

When editing each picture separately, the software may handle several photos at the same time. If the software is unable to handle it in bulk, it will halt editing and seek human intervention from the user.

If you need to analyze large batches of aerial photos, such as for real estate, AirMagic is a good option. On slower machines, picture analysis takes longer.


  • Fully Automated – The app analyzes different aspects of the image and makes appropriate improvements, without any human involvement.
  • Remove Haze – Haze can hide important details and is common in drone photos. AirMagic removes haze automatically.
  • Enhance the Sky – AirMagic automatically detects sky in your photos and applies adjustments to make it look great.
  • Reveal Details – AirMagic automatically reveals hidden details in your aerial photos without adding artifacts or pesky noise.
  • Boost Colors – Automatically adjust levels across midtones, highlights, and shadows. Achieve deeper, richer colors for awe-inspiring results.
  • Drag & drop all of your images, including raw files, and enhance them in one click.
  • Batch processing
  • Setting the intensity of AirMagic adjustments with the Boost slider
  • AirMagic plugins for Photoshop and Lightroom
  • Saving enhanced photos to your computer in a desired format and quality
  • Styles are presets that improve the look and feel of your images.

Terms and Conditions:

System Requirements: Windows Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10;
License details: Lifetime, No free update or upgrade

  • On this offering box, click on the GET IT NOW button and you will go to the registration page
  • On the registration page, fill in the form with your name & email address
  • Give a check on ‘I agree to receive emails…' and click on the SUBMIT button
  • The confirmation email will be sent to your email address
  • Open the confirmation email & click on the confirmation link
  • Once confirmed, you will receive the email that contains the activation key & download link for Windows & Mac for FREE
  • Download the installation file & install it after downloading
  • Launch your new software and use the activation key you've got to activate AirMagic
  • Done. Enjoy the full features!

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