• McAfee Total Protection

    • Security for every Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS device.
    • Excellent phishing protection.
    • Identity theft monitoring.
    • Safe Family parental control.
    • File encryption.
  • Internet Download Accelerator

    • Intellectual multi-section download.
    • Internet Download Accelerator dynamically splits a file being downloaded into several sections and downloads all the sections at the same time.
    • Automatically restarts download when downloading speed decreases which help to avoid stoppage;
    • Download speed control with automatic mode making web-surfing more comfortable.
  • PC Auto Shutdown

    • ut down, power off, reboot, hibernate, suspend or log off computers at schedule time.
    • Shut down, power off, reboot, hibernate, suspend or log off computers at schedule time when no user is logged in
    • Activate computers from suspended power conservation mode, and shut down, power off, reboot, hibernate, suspend or log off computers at schedule time
    • Different schedules to meet your needs.
    • You can set up hotkeys to shut down your computer instantly.
    • Clean up IE cookies, history ,temporary files and Recycle Bin to protect your privacy.
    • Set password to avoid others changing your schedule configuration.
    • Customize alarm sound and countdown duration during shutdown.
    • Log each shutdown events.

    PC Auto Shutdown

  • Nitro Pro

    • Image and text extraction support.
    • Print to PDF.
    • Drag and Drop support.
    • Full-featured PDF creation.
    • Create from over 300 formats.
    • Slick user interface.

    Nitro Pro

  • SimpleSoft Simple Invoice

    • Set up multiple companies.
    • Creating professional invoices with your own logo.
    • Creating Quotes (Quotation) and Proforma Invoices.
    • Creating Credit Invoices.
    • Support many languages
    • Support Inclusive tax/fee for items.
    • Change any text on invoice and issue non-english invoices!
    • Currencies from around the world.
    • Rich configuration and customization.
    • Sales TAX, VAT, GST, MwST, IVA, BTW.
    • Four professional looking invoice templates.
    • Track payments and print statement to customers.
    • Support for shipping – add shipping cost and print Packing Slip.
    • Put your own informations and messages on invoices.
    • Send invoice via email.
    • Create categories for products and customers.
    • Set four different prices for product or service.
    • Quickly creating new invoice on the basics of existing invoice.
    • Three different invoice numbering styles.
    • Business reports such as sales, customers, invetory, profit, payments, overdue and more..
    • Easy backup and restore system.
    • Support multiple bank accounts.
    • Import and Export tool.
  • Hard Disk Sentinel

    • Automatic analyse of hard disks
    • Instant S.M.A.R.T. analysing
    • Disk status in Windows Explorer
    • Information on demand¬∑
    • Logging
    • Alerts
    • Hard Disk Details
    • Hard Disk Performance
    • Hard Disk Partitions
    • Shutdown
    • Acoustic Management
    • Clock Synchronization

    Hard Disk Sentinel

  • Paragon Hard Disk Manager

    • rtitioning of any complexity for physical and offline virtual disks.
    • Easy management of several operating systems on one computer.
    • All existing backup techniques, including sector and file level backups with differential or incremental updates as well as an exclusive file complement.
    • Any backup destination, including local mounted/un-mounted partitions, external storages, CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs, network shares, FTP servers as well as the secured hidden partition (Backup Capsule).
    • Live imaging and migration for a Win2K+ system with two snapshot technologies onboard, MS Volume Shadow Copy Service and Paragon Hot Processing.
    • Differential and incremental backups, and exclusive file complements allows different data time-stamps with no duplication, and minimizes backup storage requirements.
    • Complete infrastructure for establishing a self-acting data protection system, fully compliant with the set-and-forget backup policy.
    • Fast restore at a granular level without the need to restore the whole image.
    • And more

    Note: You will get ISO file, You have to burn/write/record it on CD/DVD/USB

    Paragon Hard Disk Manager

  • UltraSNAP

    • Grab any part of your screen or import images
    • Combine multiple captured screens
    • Add annotations, mouse cursors, arrows, text, remove and replace parts
    • Add and edit vector items
    • Trace graphics into editable vectors
    • Combine vectors in many ways, add styles, shadows, bevels
    • Instantly paste into e-mail, office documents, social media pages, drag and drop to graphic application or export and upload.
    • Paste with transparency
    • Paste into Adobe Illustrator as vectors
    • Create PDF file


  • Glary Utilities Pro

    • Disk Cleaner – Removes junk data from your disks and recovers disk space
    • Registry Cleaner – Scans and cleans up your registry to improve your system's performance.
    • Shortcuts Fixer – Corrects the errors in your startmenu & desktop shortcuts
    • Uninstall Manager – Uninstalls programs completely that you don't need any more
    • Startup Manager – Manages programs which run automatically on startup
    • Memory Optimizer – Monitors and optimizes free memory in the background
    • Context Menu Manager – Manages the context-menu entries for files, folders…
    • Tracks Eraser – Erases all the traces,evidences,cookies,internet history and more
    • File Shredder – Erases files permanently so that no one can recover them
    • Internet Explorer Assistant – Manages Internet Explorer Add-ons and restores hijacked settings
    • File Encrypter and Decrypter – Protects your files from unauthorized access and use.
    • Disk Analysis – Shows you the disk space usage of your files and folders
    • Duplicate Files Finder – Searches for space-wasting and error producing duplicate files
    • Empty Folders Finder – Finds and removes empty folders in your windows
    • File Splitter and Joiner – Splits large files into smaller manageable files, and then rejoin them.
    • Process Manager – Monitors programs that run on your PC and stop spyware and Trojans.
    • Windows Standard Tools – Provides direct access to the useful windows default functions.

    Glary Utilities Pro

  • PowerISO Full

    Create ISO File:

    • Create ISO file or BIN CUE file from hard disc files.
    • Create ISO file or BIN CUE file from CD / DVD / BD disc.
    • Create bootable ISO image file.
    • Detect various CD / DVD / BD image files automatically.
    • Support ISO9660, Joliet and UDF file system.
    • Support unicode file name.
    • Optimize file layout to save disc space.

    PowerISO Full

  • cFosSpeed

    • Perfect for Online Gamers!
    • Advanced Traffic Shapingfor DSL modems and routers
    • Highly responsive when used with online games and filesharing (p2p) like eMule, Kazaa or Bittorrent
    • minimal ping times for streaming audio & video, Voice over IP (VoIP), Internet Radio, etc.
    • individual program prioritization



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