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SimpleSoft Simple Invoice

  • Set up multiple companies.
  • Creating professional invoices with your own logo.
  • Creating Quotes (Quotation) and Proforma Invoices.
  • Creating Credit Invoices.
  • Support many languages
  • Support Inclusive tax/fee for items.
  • Change any text on invoice and issue non-english invoices!
  • Currencies from around the world.
  • Rich configuration and customization.
  • Sales TAX, VAT, GST, MwST, IVA, BTW.
  • Four professional looking invoice templates.
  • Track payments and print statement to customers.
  • Support for shipping – add shipping cost and print Packing Slip.
  • Put your own informations and messages on invoices.
  • Send invoice via email.
  • Create categories for products and customers.
  • Set four different prices for product or service.
  • Quickly creating new invoice on the basics of existing invoice.
  • Three different invoice numbering styles.
  • Business reports such as sales, customers, invetory, profit, payments, overdue and more..
  • Easy backup and restore system.
  • Support multiple bank accounts.
  • Import and Export tool.

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SimpleSoft Simple Invoice

This version of SimpleSoft Simply Invoice is designed for small to medium-sized businesses that are looking for an easy to use invoicing software package with not too much learning involved. This version of the software is fully network enabled(on a per license basic) and uses a JET database. It's designed to run on an internal 10/100/1000 LAN or a single computer and is simple to set up.

The invoicing screen allows you to create invoices quickly and efficiently. With its drill down menu system, creating an invoice is simple to do. Print invoices on any of 9 different invoice designs or print credit notes, picking lists or remittance advice slips. The invoice screen comes with an invoice discount facility button and you can sell any item of stock at any price you want. There is also an active profit meter for you to see how much profit you are making on an invoice. The bookkeeping system is simple to use and allows you to filter out particular sales, purchases or bills by date or category. Not only does it show all invoices and purchase orders within any date period of your choice, but it allows you to track all transactions in and out of your business accounts. These transactions can be sales, purchases, bills, wages or anything you can think of.

If you are in the UK then an extra tabs will appear in bookkeeping and the bookkeeping settings screens, these tabs are for calculates your VAT Return on a monthly, quarterly or annually basis. With a built-in VAT Return reminder facility, you need never miss your VAT Returns again.

With built-in filters on every screen and the ability to print all of the information that you choose to filter out, SimpleSoft Simple Invoice software is extremely versatile and really easy to use. Unlike other invoice packages in this price range, SimpleSoft Simple Invoice software is packed full of useful features that you will use sooner or later. You don't have to use all of the features in Simply Invoice.

  • Secure multi-user login facility
  • Serial number tracking for sales and purchasing
  • Calculates your VAT Return for you at a press of a button
  • Customer Popup Notes box now available for quotes and invoices
  • RMA — Items returned tracking facility (serial number dependent)
  • Use up to 3 different sell rates for example Retail, Trade and Bulk. User-definable
  • Mix and match Taxable and none Taxable items on the same quote, invoice or PO
  • Bookkeeping screen
  • Active profit meters for quotes and invoices
  • Setup users and user restrictions
  • Full stock control capabilities on items if required
  • Import your own inventory/stock into Simply Invoice via a CSV file
  • View inventory/stock list
  • View inventory/stock list filtered by category
  • Build quotes, invoices or PO using either keyboard, mouse or barcode scanner
  • Print inventory/stock item information for customers
  • Built-in filters to help you search/filter out particular criteria, e.g. not paid invoices
  • Easy to view contact list
  • Easy to view quote, invoice and PO list. Invoice list
  • Tracking of part or full payments on invoices and purchases
  • Customer on stop visual warning facility
  • Set variable customer credit limit (optional), with visual overspend warning facility
  • View customer information
  • Convert quotes into invoices (one button press)
  • Insert your business details (for documents)
  • Insert your business logo (for documents)
  • Mailshot your customers by either email or letter
  • Out of stock visual warning on quotes, invoices, and POs. Invoice warning
  • Email quotes or invoices directly to your customer
  • Easy to use header editor with full active drag and drop facility
  • Print quotes, invoices or POs. Invoice print preview
  • 30 days credit for account customers only. Prints date due on invoices
  • Detailed inventory/stock item description with item photo (optional)
  • Monthly/Yearly sales charts
  • Track all your transactions in and out of your business account
  • Print invoice payments
  • Quotes — For giving out quotes to potential customers
  • Invoices — For giving out your invoices
  • Purchase Orders — For purchases made from your suppliers/vendors
  • Contacts — Manage your customers, suppliers, and view account status payments
  • Stock Control — View and manage all your items with ease
  • Information Panel — At a press of a button you can see unpaid invoices, total item sales, total customer sales, and a sales chart.
  • Sales and Purchasing — A basic accounting screen to help you keep track of monthly/yearly sales, invoice and PO payments. It also has a monthly/yearly sales chart so you can visually view sales.
  • Bookkeeping — A fully integrated bookkeeping system that can help you keep track of all your transactions going in and out of your business accounts
  • RMA (Return Merchandise Authorisation) — Find invoices and purchase orders which match returned or faulty parts (serial number dependent)
  • Fault Reporting — Track the progress of on-site or off-site reported faults from customers
  • MailShot — Send mail shots via email or post with the built-in mail shot facility

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SimpleSoft Simple Invoice


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SimpleSoft Simple Invoice
SimpleSoft Simple Invoice

Original price was: $19.99.Current price is: $2.99.

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