• Adobe Animate CC 2020

    •  Intelligent editing of animation handles
    •  More ways to setup transition between shots
    •  Smoother playback of animated scenes (in the CC version)
    •  Tons of different motion presets for new users

    Adobe Animate CC 2020

  • Adobe Audition 2020

    • Fast, precise editing:
    • Work quickly with dozens of timesaving audio editing features including clip grouping, edit preview, view markers for all files in the Markers panel, and more.
    • Real-time clip stretching:
    • Stretch clips nondestructively in real-time. Preview changes and settings, and render for higher quality results. Varispeed mode adjusts speed and pitch together.
    • Powerful effects:
    • Design new sounds with powerful effects including Generate Tones, Graphic Phase Shifter, Doppler Shifter, and Notch Filter.
    • And more.

    Adobe Audition 2020

  • Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2020

    • Flexible and powerful.
    • Full support for third-party platforms.
    • Built-in responsive design support.
    • Tight integration with other Adobe apps.
    • Full IDE-style code editor with live WYSIWYG editing.
    • Real-time preview
  • Adobe Illustrator CC 2020

    • Killer vector design abilities.
    • Excellent Touch Type feature.
    • Simplified Free Transform tool.
    • Powerful Puppet Warp feature allows the transformation of select portions of illustrations.
    • Many improvements to existing features.
  • Adobe Photoshop CC 2020

    • Multitude of photo correction and manipulation tools.
    • Slick interface with lots of help.
    • Tools for mobile and web design.
    • Rich set of drawing and typography tools.
    • 3D design capability.
    • Synced Libraries and Cloud Documents.
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements

    • Easily print photos to display and share.
    • Share on YouTube and Vimeo.*
    • Create animated bounce-back GIFs to easily share on social.*
    • Share videos on DVDs (Windows only) and HDTVs.
  • Adobe Premiere Elements 2020

    • Tell dazzling stories with motion titles:
    • Grab attention from the start of your movie with new motion titles. Easily animate text and graphics using built-in presets that give your movies professional polish.
    • Pop a color for instant wow:
    • Get the effects you’re after with new Guided Edits. Create visual drama by popping one or more colors in a scene and pushing everything else to black-and-white.
    • Play with time:
    • Get the effects you’re after with new Guided Edits. Create slow-motion effects that add emphasis, suspense or drama as well as fast-motion effects that speed up your story and add energy, excitement or fun.
    • Go beyond HD with 4K:
    • Edit and view high-resolution 4K movies for the ultimate cinematic experience.
    • And more.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro 2020

    • Intuitive user interface for smooth workflows:
    • See your media assets and less clutter, thanks to a highly intuitive interface featuring customizable Project panel views, transport controls, Audio Meter panel, and track headers. Play clips directly in the Project panel and Media Browser.
    • Flexible, precise editing controls:
    • Edit the way you want with widely accepted, customizable NLE shortcuts and powerful, intuitive trimming and editing tools that give you more precision and control.
    • Highly intuitive editing workflow:
    • Meet demanding deadlines with powerful features that simplify the editing workflow. Mix audio with ease and use new keyboard-driven enhancements to handle a wide range of common tasks.
    • Multiple Project panel windows:
    • Display assets in multiple Bin windows in the project panels, each with its own graphical or text view. Adjustable metadata views make organizing and viewing your assets fast and efficient.
    • And more:
  • Allavsoft

    • One step to download and convert F4F, FLV, F4V, F4M, WebM to MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, or MPEG-1
    • Extract and download audio from online music videos or movies as well, as convert to popular audio format like MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, or FLAC
    • Download movies from 100+ video sharing sites like Facebook, or eHow
    • Download videos in ultra high definition (4K 4096p, HD, but also 1080p, 720p versions)
    • Built-in player plays downloaded movies, music in any format
    • Built-in addons for Firefox, Chrome, Safari
    • Supports download pausing and resuming


  • Cyber Link PowerDVD Ultra

    • Unique support for 4K Blu-ray and 360 VR content.
    • Big-Screen TV mode.
    • TrueTheater image enhancement.
    • Image stabilization.
    • Customizable interface.
  • Screenpresso Pro

    • Entire screen, region, window
    • One-click screen capture
    • Scrolling part thanks to stitching mechanism
    • Include cursor in your captures with a zoom factor
    • Perform actions after taking screen shots : open the editor, open the history
    • Manage the clipboard usage after screen shot
    • Automate resizing on every capture

    Screenpresso Pro


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