Change the way you buy the software. Why pay the full price for a new program when you can save 50% or even more of its original cost and get virtually the same product? Our company brings no longer used or redundant licenses to you for amazing prices while providing high-quality technical support, that will help you with anything you might need. But what exactly is secondary software and how does it work? Find out more below.

What is secondary software and how does it work?
‘Secondary’ (sometimes referred to as ‘second-hand’) software stands for licenses, that aren’t needed by its owners anymore. The owners are usually companies that want to buy a newer program edition or switch to a different software altogether. That means their ‘used’ licenses become redundant. We repurchase these licenses and then offer them in our e-shop to other customers, so they're not unnecessarily wasted and can serve to someone else. Plus, this way we can sell the products at a significantly lower price!

Is it legal?
Reselling and ownership of secondary software is 100% legal – as was decided by the European Court of Justice in 2012*. The Court stated, that “the author of software cannot oppose the resale of his ‘used’ licences” no matter if the licenses are tangible (CD/DVD) or intangible (electronic and distributed online).“

It works just the same as when you want to resell a book. You buy one, read it and decide to pass it on to someone else. So you place it on an auction website and wait for someone else to buy it. No matter from whom you bought the book in the first place, once it’s sold, the seller has no right to influence what will happen to it in the future. The same applies to software – once it’s uninstalled from the original owner’s PC (which makes it unused), it can be freely sold to someone else.

And what’s more, before we purchase any used license, we make sure the software itself is legal by going through a 3-step verification process.

*You can read the whole press release of the European Court of Justice here.

What are the benefits of getting secondary software from Software Deals?
You can save 50% or even more of the product price in comparison with buying a completely new software.
You will acquire exactly the same product as the first user as software doesn’t lose its quality.
Our customer support is always ready to help with anything you might need.
The product can be installed and activated for you.
30 days money-back guarantee: You can always return our products for any kind of reason.

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