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About Us

Welcome to SoftSGE

We connect millions of buyers and sellers around the world, empowering people & creating economic opportunity for all.

Here at SoftS.GE, we specialise in providing you with the best digital codes for the hottest software and games. There’s no need to pay full price or wait for software and games again. We combine the lowest prices with rapid digital delivery, so you can start playing your favourite games, fast.

We have over 10 years of combined industry experience.

We’ve made setting up an account quick and easy, so you can get your hands on the newest, and most exciting games and software deals in a matter of seconds. Redeeming your digital codes is simple – and we’re here to help if you need any extra help.

Who We Are

SoftS.GE was founded in the Georgia Republic in 2018. Since the very beginning, our company has focused on providing high-quality software, outstanding customer support and great prices to our customers. We sell both new and secondary software and always strive to provide the best products and services possible. We put our customers first and we do everything we can to fulfill their expectations!

Why buy products from us?

Check out the main reasons why buying software from us is a great decision.

  • Up to 60% cheaper licenses compared to regular retail prices
  • Products in stock delivered within 15 minutes
  • Extended money-back guarantee (30 days)
  • Dedicated customer care with extensive technical knowledge
  • Thousands of satisfied customers across Europe
  • 99% average customers’ satisfaction
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